Send Targeted Messages to Your Event Audience Using Segmented In-App Notifications

Send important information to different segments of your audience with ease using segmented in-app notifications.

Segmented in-app notifications is a mobile event app enhancement that allows you to send tailored messaging to specific event attendees depending on factors such as their ticket tier, lodging type and more. 

To start, you’ll need to create or upload a list to your event backend under List Manager. Give your list a name and a description, then decide which modules are available to the registrants on this specific list. 

By selecting the Manage button to the right of your list in your main List Manager screen, you can manage all your registrants and upload individual registrants as well.

Once you’ve selected Manage, you’ll select Classic View and a new tab will open. On the left hand navigation menu, select Manage Registrants. Then, Add Registrants.

The Add Registrants screen will appear. From here, you can upload a .CSV file or manually add registrants to your List. 

After you’ve saved your list and added your registrants, select Mobile App in the left hand navigation menu. Then, select Push Notifications at the top of the screen. Your push notifications will appear here. To create a new notification select the blue New Notification button at the top right of the page. 

To create a new notification, fill out the fields in the form with the information you’d like to relay to your segmented audience. Under Audience, you’ll select Specific List(s). The default is All Audiences. A dropdown menu will appear, and from here, you’ll be able to select your previously created segmented list. You can either manually send this notification, or, you can schedule the notification to go out at a specific time. To create the notification, Save & Exit.