Post-Webinar Debriefs: Easily Debrief With Presenters After Your Webinar Ends

At the end of your webinar, seamlessly turn the webinar room into a debrief room while still moving attendees to your chosen exit URL.

BigMarker has added a new feature, allowing admins to select a debrief room option at the end of a webinar. The Debrief Room toggle is an alternative option to the Presenter Exit URL. Instead of taking presenters and admins out of the existing webinar room and into a separate webinar, you can now shepherd attendees out of the room, and keep your presenters and admins put. This feature is compatible with a webinar built in Studio mode, and is available for selection once an admin manually selects End Webinar at the close of an event. In the steps below, you’ll learn how to turn your existing webinar room into a debrief room at the push of a button. 

1. At the end of the webinar, select End Webinar at the bottom left of the window. If Green Room is enabled, the End Webinar button will appear as it does in the second image below. 

Step 1@2x

Step 1.a@2x

2. Once you’ve manually selected End Webinar, a screen will appear, prompting you to once again select End Webinar. This is where you’ll be able to select the Debrief Room feature by toggling on Move all presenters to a debrief webinar room. Once selected, you’ll press the End Webinar button in pink to officially end the webinar.

Step 2@2x

3. A countdown will begin at the top of the screen, letting you know the webinar is closing for attendees. Once the countdown ends, your attendees will be moved to the pre-selected exit URL, and your presenters and admins will be prompted with BigMarker’s audio/video page to re-enter the webinar room. Once you’ve selected your microphone and webcam preferences, click Continue to Studio.

Step 3@2x

4. You’ll be released back into the webinar room with your fellow presenters and admins. From here, you’ll have the remaining webinar buffer time to debrief. If a presenter has left the webinar early for any reason, they can still access the debrief room by clicking on their existing presenter links. Once you’re finished, simply click End Webinar, and the webinar will be closed. 

Step 4@2x