New Attendee Experience: Modular View

View, polls, chats, Q&A, survey questions, and our new Hybrid Audience Engagement solution are all displayed onscreen together at the same time


New as of 02/10/2023: Modular View is now available for Evergreen webinars. 

Note: This feature is only available for Virtual Events and Enterprise plan holders. Please contact our Sales team at to learn more.  


In our Classic attendee experience, attendees interact with the session by switching between various tabs in the Engagement Panel. 


Now with our new Modular attendee view, polls, chats, Q&A, survey questions, and our new Hybrid Audience Engagement solution are all displayed onscreen together at the same time. This way, attendees can stay updated on each incoming poll, chat, question and handout without switching tabs and losing focus on the session itself. 

Modular attendee view works in both our Classic and Studio streaming modes. 


Look below to see how Modular attendee view appears to attendees: 

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 2.53.08 PM

What’s Different about Modular Attendee View? 

Below are the key differences between the Modular and Classic view. 

  1. Q&A, surveys, polls, chats and handouts are all together rather than in the Engagement panel 
  2. Attendees can opt to close an engagement feature they are not using, for example closing out Surveys and popping them back open when needed 
  3. Hybrid Audience Engagement is enabled automatically. (Just a refresher: Attendees can scan a QR code projected on screen, then interact with the event’s polls, Q&A, etc., on their own mobile device.) 
  4. Modules dynamically resize so they automatically fill the full length of your screen.


Display all the Engagement Features at Once

In this new mode, attendees can view new questions, polls, surveys and handouts all in one place. 

Close out of Engagement Modules 

Attendees may prefer to use some engagement modules more than others. Now, they can close the modules that they aren’t actively using. 

For instance, attendees can hide the handout screen by clicking the X in that module. If they want to preview or download a handout later on, they can click the handout icon on the bottom engagement panel to show it again. 


See it in action here:

Hybrid Audience Engagement is automatically enabled 

Hybrid Audience Engagement is included in modular view. No need to set it up manually: A QR code will automatically populate in the bottom right–hand corner of the webinar room. Attendees can scan the code to engage with your event via their mobile device. 

Dynamically Resizing Modules

When attendees close out and hide specific engagement modules, the main screen will dynamically resize to accommodate the rest of the screen. Attendees can close out polls and handouts for the main screen to extend to their place and shrink when brought up again. 


Click here to learn more about Modular View setup.