Live On-screen Q&A for In-Person/Hybrid Events

Show your audiences' most popular questions with Live On-screen Q&A, a real-time Q&A screen that publishes your attendee's questions on a separate big screen

Note: This feature is only available for Event Packages plan holders. If interested, please contact our Events Experts at 


Introducing our new Live On-screen Q&A, a real-time Q&A screen that will show published attendee questions on a big screen for attendees to upvote and view. This is a great addition for your in-person/hybrid events, as it will be able to show those most popular questions your audience is interested in knowing more about. 


This is a part of our Hybrid Audience Engagement feature (learn more here), which unifies your virtual and in-person attendees. This bridges the gap between virtual and in-person, as both attendees are able to see their digital answers in real-time. You can focus your presentation or Q&A discussion around the questions on this screen to give the audience a truly immersive experience. Overall, it’s a great way to solidify an interactive hybrid experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. 


How to Enable Q&A Projection

1. On the Manage Webinar Dashboard, scroll down to Hybrid Audience Engagemen

2. Enable ON Hybrid Audience Engagement

This will populate an icon inside the webinar room to bring up a separate browser that has the Hybrid Audience Engagement.  


You can also copy and paste the link for this on a separate browser that will project on a separate projector, TV or monitor. 



Where you pop out your Hybrid Audience Engagement window for attendees to scan the QR code will be where your Live On-screen Q&A is. In real-time, as Q&A gets published it will appear on the screen for all attendees to see. 

Submitting Questions 


Attendees can submit questions and upvote questions to show the popularity of the questions. Within the Hybrid Audience Engagement feature, attendees will click Submit a Question to type and send  right from there. The question will populate on the screen, where it can get upvoted. Upvoting can happen personally on the Hybrid Audience Engagement screen, the Companion app for in-person attendees or the webinar room for virtual attendees. 



Watch the video to see this in live action: 



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