Integrate Stripe with BigMarker

Learn how to integrate Stripe with BigMarker

New as of May 2024: Channels using stripe can set currency individually

For channels that use Stripe as the payment processor, you can now set what currency is used for each webinar or series instead of having to set this only at the channel level. After turning on Paid Tickets or Donation in the settings, you’ll be able to turn off “Use channel currency setting” and when you do so the currency selector will appear.

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With our Stripe integration, you can monetize your BigMarker content by selling tickets to live webinars or selling access to on-demand content in your Media Hub or evergreen webinars.

Once BigMarker is integrated with Stripe, payments collected through your BigMarker account are automatically—and immediately—pushed to your Stripe account. 

Note: Revenue collected using Stripe integration will appear in your Stripe account immediately. The processing fee varies based on gateway fees and applicable discount rates of your Stripe account. (For more specific information, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Support.) 


How to set up your Stripe integration 

1. Log into your BigMarker Channel Settings page, where you'll be setting up your Stripe integration. Under Payment Processor, select Stripe

Once you've chosen Stripe, several other fields will appear below the Payment Processor field. Complete them as follows: 

a. Under Stripe API key, enter the API key of the Stripe account you wish to use to process payments made through BigMarker. (Follow these steps to locate your Stripe API key if necessary.)  

b. Under Stripe Currency, select the currency format you are using on that Stripe account. 

c. Under Stripe Published API key, enter the Published API key of your Stripe account. Per Stripe's API resources, this value can be found on your Stripe account's Dashboard. 

d. To capture the province/state or the zip code/postal code of users making each payment, check Capture Province/State and Capture Zip/Postal Code, respectively. 

Click Save to complete. 


How do I send receipts to my attendees for Stripe transactions?


On BigMarker, you can monetize your webinars by selling tickets through our native payment portal or you can integrate with a third party payment service, including Stripe and 

Our Stripe integration now allows you to automatically send email receipts to attendees who pay for BigMarker webinars via Stripe. You do not need to take further action on your BigMarker account to apply this update. Once you have enabled receipt transactions for users on your Stripe account, the receipts will automatically be sent to attendees.