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How to Set Up Camera Monitor Mode

Camera Monitor Mode is a mode that allows presenters to join events where they are able to monitor the event with no disruptions or distractions for attendees.

Camera Monitor Mode is a setting for presenters that allows them to monitor the cameras of all attendees and presenters in a webinar. Presenters in Camera Monitor Mode will not have access to the share content button. However, they can turn on their mics and cameras. Typically, presenters have full presentation capabilities, including starting videos and sharing their screen. Within Camera Monitor Mode, presenters are able to view and enlarge cameras without changing what the attendees and other presenters see. This is ideal when you would like to ensure all of your attendees are on camera, with certain presenters presenting  videos and screen-sharing and others monitoring. Camera Monitor Mode is a monitor only mode, and should not be enabled for presenters who need access to share content button within the webinar room. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. How to Enable Camera Monitor Mode 

How to Enable Camera Monitor Mode 

1. On the Manage Webinar dashboard, click to the Presenters tab

2. Create a presenter, or click Edit Presenter on the presenter’s section. 


3. Check off Enter Webinar in Camera Monitor Mode

4. Click Save

When the presenter gets their presenter notification email, their customized link will be for the Camera Monitor Mode.