How to Create Different Pass Types for Your Virtual Event

The BigMarker platform has built-in registration and ticket sales, so your virtual event's ticketing and registration is integrated with the rest of your event software.

New as of 10/20/2022: Create Allow Lists to manage all registrants allowed to purchase or select specific ticket passes in one central location. 

On BigMarker, you can create different pass types with varying permissions, privileges and price points. Follow the steps below to create these pass types on BigMarker. 


Table of Contents

1. How to Create Pass Types

2. How to Create a Regular Pass

3. How to Create a Subscription Pass

4. How to Edit the Notifications for Subscription Passes

5. How to Design Subscription Passes 



How to Create Pass Types

Registration and ticket types can be found on your event’s dashboard. Log into your channel, go to your Main Series, then select Manage Event dashboard. From there, navigate to the Registration & Passes section on the left hand side. 

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 2.18.55 PM

There are two types of passes to create: Regular and Subscription. Regular passes are one-time passes that can provide basic access to your event while Subscription passes are passes that attendees can purchase to subscribe to your event over a period of time. Both can have multiple types at different price points, giving your attendees options to choose from. 

How to Create a Regular Pass

Click New Regular Pass and in the right-hand drawer that appears, create your pass. Give it a name (i.e., “Early Bird,” “All Access,” etc.), description and price. In the prompts that follow,  set your desired pass capacity and expiration date, if applicable. 

For instance, if I were providing discounted All Access passes to the first 100 guests to register, I’d set Number of Passes Available to Limited, then enter 100 under Pass Limit. If I wanted sales for this pass to end on New Year’s Eve 2020, regardless of how many passes were purchased, I’d set Sales of this Pass Expire to On a Date, then enter the date under Expiration Date. 

Under Series Included in this Pass, you can then set user permissions for passholders. When you click the box, a dropdown containing all of the BigMarker webinar series associated with your event modules (Expo Hall, Networking Center, etc.). 

Additionally, you can give your pass a password (learn more here), so that attendees who enter the password will be able to purchase the ticket. When finished, click Save & Exit. 

All of your passes will be below to view purchase history and edit. Click Edit to go back to the pass’s settings to toggle and View Purchasers to see the name, date and email address of each purchaser. 


How to Create a Subscription Pass 

Switch over to the Subscription Passes tab, and click New Subscription Pass

Another right-hand drawer will appear where you can fill out the subscription’s information. Enter in the subscription pass’s name, description, price with currency, and billing frequency. 

You can apply the same user permissions for passholders by associating the passes with a webinar series associated with your event modules using the dropdown under Series Included in this Pass. 

Lastly, mark if the subscription pass needs Event Host Approval by clicking yes or no, and if yes fill out the email addresses an email will need to be sent for pass approval. You can enter in as many email addresses as desired, using a comma to separate them. 

How to Edit the Notifications for Subscription Passes

When creating a Subscription pass, attendees will get pop up notifications. These notifications will be for: Purchase Confirmation, Pending Approval, Subscription Updates, Subscription Expirations, Cancellation Confirmation and Cancellation Success. These are for each of the stages your attendees will go through when purchasing a Subscription pass. All of these can be found on the Settings tab towards the bottom. You can customize each notifications: 

  • Title
  • Subtitle 
  • CTA text

Each has placeholder text that can be changed to feel more unique to your event. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 9.25.23 AM


How to Design Subscription Passes 

You can customize the look and feel of your passes when registrants are purchasing them. Any customizations made will apply to both regular and subscription passes. 

Under the Settings tab, you can customize: 

  • Ticket Page Logo 
  • Ticket Page Main Title 
  • Checkout Title 
  • Complete Purchase Title 
  • Ticket Page Text Color 
  • Ticket page background color 
  • Ticket page background color gradient 
  • Ticket Image 
  • Top and Bottom Banner Image 
  • Bottom CTA Background Colors 
  • Bottom CTA Text Color 
  • Disclaimer Title 
  • Disclaimer Text 
  • Next Button Text

Here is an example of where the customizations are during the Registration purchase process: 

To change the button colors, go to the Design section and under the Colors tab, change them under Primary button colors. 

Note: These colors are applicable throughout the entire event and will apply under all module buttons. 


Setting up Allow Lists for Registration Passes

You can create certain passes to be available only to certain individuals on your own custom lists. This way, these individuals will have access to certain ticket passes while you will be able to target those individuals for marketing campaigns or further analytics while managing the accessibility for the pass


How to Set up a Registration Pass on the Allow List 

Note: You will need to have the complete registration form first setting enabled in order for the registration allow list to work correctly. 



1. Go the the List Manager tab in the left hand menu 

2. Click Create List 




3. Enter in the list’s details, such as the list title and description 

4. Check off all the event modules for the list 

5. Click Save & Exit 


Go back to the Registration & Passes section. Either create a new registration pass (following the steps above) or click Edit on the desired pass. 


6. Scroll down and check off Pass only available to registrants from list

7. Select the lists allows to choose the ticket pass in the field below

8. Click Save & Exit 



When checking in to your event, the registrants that have access to the ticket pass will be able to see it 


How to Add Registrants to the List 

Note: The lists in your List Manager are applicable across your entire Virtual Event. Use the lists you've created in any dropdown menu, granting access and permissions to registrants on the list easily. 

1. Go to the List Manager section 
2. Click on the List’s title 


3. Click Add Registrants and add the registrant’s email address and first/last name 

4. Click Save 


When those registrants enter their email address to the event, they will be able to see the specific ticket for the event. 


Watch this below in live action: 


You can view all the registrants for the List by clicking Manage, then going to Members. Click the three dots to remove them, or you can click Classic View to head to the backend of the List to manage and add more registrants to the list.