Create a Waitlist for your Next Event to Manage Overflow with Ease

Now, you don’t have to miss out on eager guests hoping to snag a ticket to your event. Simply set a limit on the number of registrants accepted and collect overflow on your waitlist to approve or deny access when the time is right.

Event administrators and other key decision makers will receive email notifications each time a prospective attendee has tried to register but has been added to the waitlist because of any event limitations that you have pre-set. Event administrators can then decide whether to add waitlisted attendees to the registration list or hold off on adding anyone new based on internal event guidelines and capacities. 

New as of January 2024:

Waitlist is now available for webinars with custom pages. Click here for more details.

Here’s how to set up the waitlist for your next event:

1. Create a Pass on the Event level of your event backend. Under Event Setup, select Registration & Passes. Select Regular Pass, then, New Regular Pass

2. In order to activate the waitlist for your event, the passes need to be free ($0), and the total number of passes should be limited. Once you’ve edited these two fields, you’ll see that you can now enable the waitlist toggle to the ON position. 

Input the rest of your Pass details: Name, Description and whether you’d like the price displayed on the ticket. 

You’ll also input the pass limit next to Total number of passes available. For this example, you’ll see 200 passes as the limit. Any registration passed 200 will automatically be waitlisted. 

If an attendee has been added to the waitlist during registration, they will receive a notification after confirming their registration that lets them know they’ve been added to the waitlist and their acceptance is pending. They will receive a registration confirmation email if their registration has been confirmed. 

Additionally, you can notify event hosts and administrators about waitlist activity. The emails you have input, separated by commas, will be notified when the waitlist has been activated and attendees join.

3. Once registration has been activated and attendees start registering for your event, you’ll be able to track those registrations at the event level under Registration & Passes. Here, you can see that 12 individuals have been successfully registered, and 8 have been waitlisted. To view and manage your waitlist, select View Waitlist beneath your waitlisted counter. 


4. In order to view or manage your waitlisted registrants, select the three dots on the right, beside the registrant’s name, and click Manage Registrant


5. From here, you can view and manage the details of the registrant, including moving them from the waitlist and into registered attendee status. Simply click Edit next to Registration Status and select either Registered or Canceled as their new status. Then, Save.  You can also cancel the attendee’s registration completely by selecting Cancel Registration at the bottom of the profile. 


The attendee will be notified of their change in status via email, and you will be able to see the change in their status back on your pass preview page. 

Waitlist is now available for webinars with custom pages

Previously, the waitlist feature was only available for virtual events. Now, webinars with custom landing and confirmation pages can use the Waitlist feature. Enabling the waitlist is simple: 

  • You must first set a custom registration capacity to use the waitlist
  • Attendees registering through a custom page can also receive unique emails with waitlist details after entering their information 
  • It is also possible to approve from the waitlist those that register through a custom page