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How to Add Ad Banners and Popups to your Webinar Room

Showcase special offers with AD Banners inside your event. These can be formatted as pop-ups or a carousel banner at the bottom. Either way, it lets your attendees know about your event's exciting exclusive offers

 Add Ad Banners into your event’s room to showcase various, ongoing advertising efforts. This is a  great way to redirect your attendees to your company’s current offers or external website. You can set an immediate popup offer for attendees to view when entering your event, show off all your current advertisements, or highlight one throughout your event. Available in both Webcast and Interactive modes, this feature aids in marketing campaigns, raising brand awareness and helping push attendees towards your offers. 

Learn more about Ad Banners below. 

How to Add Ad Banners to Your Event


1. On your event’s Manage Webinar dashboard, scroll down to the AD Banners section 

2. From there, select the type of AD: Bottom Banner or Enter Room Popup

For Bottom Banner: 

  • Click Click Here to Add Ad Banner Image to browse files and add an image
  • Add a redirect URL in the AD URL field.
  • Click Save 


For Enter Room Popup: 
  • Click Click Here to Add Ad Banner Image to browse files and add an image
  • Enter in the title of the popup in the Popup Title field
  • Enter in the button text of the popup in the Popup Button Text field
  • Select the button’s color and text color using the Button Background Color and Button Text Color fields
  • Click Save

3. In the Banner display time box, select the amount of seconds you’d like the bottom ad banners to display. (Note: You must enter in more than 3 seconds) 

Depending on the order they are added is the order they will display. Check off the Display ad banners in random order to have them display randomly. Click Save when finished. 

Your ADs will display at the bottom of the page. Here, you can edit, delete or check off if you would like the bottom banner ADs to appear as pop ups. 

Watch the video below to see this in live action: