How do I record my webinar?

Record your webinar by setting it to auto record or manually starting the recording live in your webinar room

You can set up your webinar to auto record, or you can start the recording manually in the live webinar room. 

Auto Recording

From your Manage Webinar Dashboard scroll down to Auto Recording. Select Disable auto recording or Enable auto recording. 

Auto recordings are defaulted to disabled. When disabled, the recordings will need to be manually started. However, once enabled, the recording will start when either the waiting room is opened for attendees or at the webinar start time if there is no waiting room. 


Manually recording in the live webinar room

1. Inside your webinar on the top control panel, click Start Recording.

2. It will record the Audio, Video, Presentation, Screen Sharing, YouTube video, and public chat.

3. Click Stop Recording and you will be prompted to verify stopping the recording.