How do I enable the Studio in my Meetingspace?

Use the customization and broadcast features of BigMarker Studio within the MeetingSpace

Hosts can now use Studio in their MeetingSpaces. This allows hosts of meetings to use the customization and broadcast features of BigMarker Studio, including customizable graphic overlay options, flexible video layouts, animated backgrounds and more.


In this article, learn how to enable Studio in MeetingSpaces. 


How to Enable New Interactive Experience In Your MeetingSpace:

1. Log in to your MeetingSpace.   

2. Select the gear icon on the top right-hand corner of the page. From there, you’ll proceed to your settings page. 

3. Under Meeting Room Style, select New Experience. This will enable Studio.

4. Press Save & Exit  to complete.


Watch the video below to see all the features of Studio in MeetingSpace: 



Can I add MeetingSpaces? 

BigMarker admins are able to create additional MeetingSpaces on their channel for other users on their team. This way, other team members can host their own MeetingSpaces without interfering with the admin’s MeetingSpace settings.

How to Add Additional MeetingSpaces 

You can do this under your Channel Settings, on the MeetingSpace tab or on your homepage through the MeetingSpace section. 


On the homepage: 

On Channel Settings: 


1. Click on +New MeetingSpace on the Channel Settings, or Create a New MeetingSpace from the homepage.

2. Click Create meeting space for another person at the bottom. 

3. Go through the fields and enter in the Title and URL of the MeetingSpace. 

4. Select whether you want the MeetingSpace to be an Open or Closed Room (when joining, Closed Rooms require attendees to knock and ask for permission to enter while Open Rooms do not). 

5. Enter in the person’s first and last name, and the email address that will be used for this MeetingSpace. 

6. Click Create MeetingSpace when finished. 

Recipients will receive an email notifying them that they have a meeting space and they can click the link to visit. From there, when the user logs into their account, they will see the MeetingSpace located in the MeetingSpace section on their homepage. 

To delete any MeetingSpaces, go to your Channel Settings and then the MeetingSpace tab. From there, click the stacked dots, then Delete.


Customize the invitation email sent to the recipients on the Channel Settings as well. Click Customize Invitation Email to populate a side bar where you are able to customize the meeting invitation email. Options to customize are: email subject, headline, email content, button text, sender name, contact info and email tokens



Download your MeetingSpaces links to a XLSX file to easily access all the links of your MeetingSpaces in one place. At the top of the MeetingSpaces list, click Download All Links to download the XLSX file.



Once downloaded, you are able to view the title, first and last name, email address for the meetingspace and the personal link.  An example is shown below: