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How to Set Specific Times and Dates to Publish and Un-publish On Demand Content

Customize and automate the publishing of your on-demand content by setting times and date to automatically publish and un-publish the recording

Hosts can set specific times and dates to automatically publish and un-publish their video content. This allows hosts to customize and automate the publishing of their on-demand content.

Hosts can set the publishing or un-publishing of their content on the Edit tab of the Manage Webinar page based on when the session ended. There are two options: Relative Time or Specific Time. Relative Time is a generalized time frame that allows hosts to be more flexible when publishing content where Specific Time sets the auto-publish for a specific time and date. 

How does automatically publishing on-demand content impact my automatic post-webinar emails? Automatically publishing on-demand content triggers any post-webinar emails that you have set to send after the event. 

Note: You can also disable in advance if you do not wish to send communications to attendees.


Can I manage multiple live-to-on-demand recordings? This feature allows hosts to manage multiple live-to-on-demand recordings, as well as on-demand hosting content availability, without needing to log in to the event manually. 

How does automatic on-demand publishing impact Virtual Events hosts? This feature also automatically displays and removes the “Watch Now” button on the event agenda. 


In this article, learn how to automatically publish or un-publish your video content. 

How to Adjust Publishing Settings for Your Content:

1. Log in to your webinar and select the Edit tab. 

2. Scroll to the “Privacy” section or use the CMD/CTRL+F feature and enter the phrase “Auto Publish” or “Auto Unpublish.” 

3. Select either “Auto Publish Recording” or “Auto Unpublish Recording.”

4a. For Relative Time:

i. Click Relative Time.

ii. How long following your event would you like your content to auto-publish or unpublish? Enter the amount of hours in the box provided. (For example, if you’d like your content to automatically publish one hour after the video is processed, enter “1” under Auto-Publish Recording.) 

Note: When unpublishing content, the hours are determined from the scheduled end time of the webinar. You can set a range up to 72 hours after the recording becomes available or up to 8760 hours (1 year) for auto unpublish.  

4b. For Specific Time: 

i. Click Specific Time.  

ii. Select the time and date you would like the content to auto-publish/un-publish. 

5. Select Save Changes at the top when finished. 

Once you have set your Auto-publish or Auto unpublish settings, the date and time of publishing and removal will display on your Manage Webinar Dashboard, under the Manage Recording section.