How Can I Improve The Look of My PowerPoint Presentation?

Improve the look of your PowerPoint presentation through special effects, font sizes and embedded videos

The BigMarker webinar and meeting space converts all PowerPoint files (PPT) to PDFs. You can upload PPTs directly in the pre-load section and webinar room but certain customization options and special effects such as: animation, embedded videos, and fonts will require an Enterprise plan. We recommend saving all PowerPoints as PDFs, pre-loading any files larger than 100MB, and testing your presentation before your webinar. Doing so will provide you the necessary time to make any updates to the slides.

If you like, you can also share your screen to share the PowerPoint application directly from your desktop

When uploading your slide deck, increasing the font size helps for attendee clarity. Anything less than 12 point will be difficult to read. We also recommend any slides you preload or upload be 16:9 in size.