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Can I add custom fonts to my event site?

Align your channel with your brand's style guidelines using custom fonts, so your entire event site can match your brand

We’ve introduced custom fonts to our Channel's settings, so your event site can more closely align with your brand’s style guidelines. Select from 13 different fonts for both the title and body text. Learn how to add custom fonts to your event microsite below. 

Note: Only BigMarker admins can change your channel's fonts. Please contact your BigMarker representative to do so. 



How to Enable Custom Fonts on your Landing Page 

1. Go to your Channels Settings 



2. On the Channel Profile section, scroll down towards the bottom until you see Landing Page Title Font


3. Use the dropdown menus to change the Landing Page Title Font and Landing Page Body Font. You can select from: Avenirnext, LyonDisplay, Boing, Eina, FS Elliot Pro, Futura Std, Maison Neue, Retina, Montserrat, Manrope, Larsseit, Roboto, Infiniti Brand, Inter, and Verdana



4. Click Save when finished. 

From there, your event’s font will be customized with those unique fonts. Watch the video below to see this in live action: