Efficiently Check-In your Attendees using the Scanner App

There are two simple ways to ensure your attendee check-in process is seamless and easily manageable.

Start your event or festival off on the right foot with our quick and easy check-in process, using the Scanner App. Below you’ll find information on how to either scan an attendee’s unique and personalized QR code, or search their name in your attendee list in order to get them checked-in and on their way.

Scanning Personalized QR Code

Upon check-in, instruct attendees to scan their personalized QR code, which they received in their confirmation email. Simply select Event Check-In Scanner.

The following screens will walk you through the check-in process, and will look something like this:

Note: please note that the pass title will be listed below the attendee name if registrant purchased a pass while registering for the event.

Searching Attendee List

An alternative option to scanning a QR code is searching your attendee list for the attendee’s information. Back on the home screen, you’ll select Attendees List from the Event check-in options. Then, search your attendee’s name from the list. 

Select the attendee’s name once you’ve located the correct information. Click Check In to complete the process.

Tip: It is also possible to undo a check-in. Simply click through to the attendee and once their information populates, select Undo Check-In at the bottom of their card.