Create Variants of Custom Pages for Multinational Audiences with Localization

Custom Landing Pages now have the ability to support multiple languages.

Provide multiple pieces of translation for the same text, and choose which you’d like to display on your event registration and virtual platform pages based on your global audience. Simply build your Custom Landing Page once and use this new setting to seamlessly switch between multiple languages.

1. First, select Template Settings on the left hand navigation menu. Then, select Localization at the bottom of the list.


2. Toggle on Enable Localization to enable an editor to enter content in multiple languages.

3. Now, you can enter your desired language options by clicking on the blue Edit button beside Language Options

4. From here, you can input your languages. In this list, you’ll see we have input English as the default language for the page. Then, we have created options for French, German and Chinese, along with the corresponding Codes. These codes are what will populate in the URL to identify which language is being displayed on the page. This screen also allows you to Add a Language and delete a language using the trash can icon to the right. 


5. Once you’ve input your desired languages, simply click Save. You’ll see your languages have populated under Language Settings. From here, click Save & Close.

6. To enable one of the new languages, click on Text Editor at the top of the left hand navigation menu. Then, click Main Banner to display your page’s main banner text. 

7. First, select your desired language from the Page Variant dropdown menu at the top of the page. If you’d like to use French, here is where you’ll be able to input your new French text translations. Please note that the page will not automatically translate the text into French. The translations will have to be input by a member of your team or a member of your BigMarker Account Team.

8. Once you’ve input all of your French translations and saved the page, you can test your landing page by inputting the URL into your browser with the French code, as the image below displays:

A URL with the corresponding French code will display the French translation. A URL with the corresponding English code will display an English translation. Alternatively, a URL with no language code will display an English translation; the default language selected. 


Note: This feature is only available to Enterprise and VE plan holders. Please talk to your BigMarker representative for more information and pricing.