Create fully branded, custom pages with our Page Designer

Bring your ideal webinar landing, or event, page design to our Development team and let them take care of the rest, bringing to life your perfect webinar or virtual event.

Note: This feature is only available for Virtual Events and Enterprise plan holders. Please contact our Sales team at to learn more.

Design your ideal event or webinar landing page, with your own colors, graphics and more, and bring it to life with our Page Designer. Bring your design to our Development team and let them take care of the rest, building your perfect landing page. Once built, you are able to go in and  modify or add any HTML/CSS or Javascript. In addition, include tokens and your own graphics and images to make them fully unique to your event. Learn more below about creating and customizing your Landing Pages. 

How to Create your Custom Landing Page 

Send our team a custom landing page design, creating either  a Landing, Verification,  Confirmation, or Event page. A verification and confirmation page are optional add-ons to your landing page, as a verification page is the page that verifies the registration and the confirmation page confirms their registration while providing additional event information. 

Give your page a title (this will be the title you call your custom page), provide a preview photo (the photo that will be previewed on your channel) and a full preview photo for landing pages (the photo that is previewed on the landing page) 

Once that information is given to the Development team, they will build out and create your custom page. Once completed, you are able to go to your Channel’s Settings to manage. 

How to Manage your Custom Landing Page 

  1. Go to your Channel, and click Settings 
  2. Click to the Custom Landing Page section on the left hand menu

You can click the pencil icon to head to the landing page editor, or the trash can to delete the landing page. 

How to Edit your Custom Landing Page 


Note: Align your code by  clicking Format Code



1. Click the title of the custom landing page you’d like to edit 

2. You will be taken to the editor page, where you can edit the HTML, CSS and Javascript. Click through the individual tabs to modify or add on custom code. 


3. Add assets into your code, such as graphics and logos. We support the following file types: JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, SVG 

4. Add tokens into your code. On the token of choice, click the copy icon and insert that token into your code. 

For our advanced users, you can use custom tokens in a variety of ways, such as using loops for tokens to represent an item more than one time, like a list of presenters, or render content as conditional fields to only show content for specific cases. Tokens have also been updated to include all virtual design assets, simplifying the overall creation process. 


To do this, copy and paste the token into your HTML. The HTML contained within the token will have the specific logic, such as looping presenters. When inserting the token into your HTML, it  will pull the logic and everything within the logic (in this case, presenters)  from the list and will be available to use. For example, if you are using a token with HTML that will loop a list of presenters, putting the token’s HTML into your HTML will show the list of presenters looping on your landing page. 



What this results in is a fully unique landing page, containing both custom HTML and tokens. Below is the example of a custom landing page with a loop for the presenters on the agenda. 

5. Add a code block to your page. These are reusable code blocks you create that can be of  your header or footer, navigation bars and more. These blocks help keep your style consistent from page to page. Click the + icon, then add your block code’s title and code. Enter the token name, which will be used to place your block in your code. Click Save and you’ll be able to copy and paste this block from page to page.  If needed, you can also format your code by clicking Format Code

6. Click the T icon at the top to edit the text on the page. You will see the title, teaser, and other descriptions text boxes to add your page's content. All will updated in real time for you to view and adjust on the page. 


Use the copy icon to copy the block into your existing Javascript, HTML or CSS code and click the pencil icon to edit.

After any updates or modifications made to your template, click Update to update and see the changes instantly.


You can view the page in different formats to adjust the code on a device basis. You can see how the page displays on a desktop, laptop, Android or iPhone



Navigate between your custom pages by using the dropdown menu in the top bar. This helps you easily manage and design your pages while staying in the same browser view. 



Made a change to your page and would like to go back to a previous version? Click the timer icon at the bottom to view your backup pages. Here, once it was saved, are all of your previous versions of your page. Click the eye icon to view the version and the arrow icon to revert to the previous version. 


How to Select your Custom Landing Page 

  1. On an existing  or newly created webinar, click to the landing page.
  2. You will see all your custom landing pages as well as existing templates. Select which one you would like to use for the webinar and click Save