Can Presenters/Hosts Deny Camera + Mic Permissions?

Troubleshoot and communicate more efficiently with presenters and hosts experiencing technical issues by being notified with a red warning triangle when they have denied browser permissions

Admins are now notified when presenters and hosts have denied browser permissions for their cameras and microphones. This helps hosts troubleshoot and communicate more efficiently with presenters and hosts experiencing technical issues. 

Learn more about this enhancement below. 


When entering the Studio or MeetingSpace, presenters could deny browser permissions to  access to their cameras and microphones, whether that be from a pre-set setting or before entering the webinar room. If presenters have denied access, a red warning sign will appear next to their name in their webinar room (as pictured below). 


However, the host can signal to the presenter to enable their browser’s  microphone and camera permissions. This allows hosts more control over which presenters are visible and audible throughout the session. Learn how to do this below. 

How to Request Access To Presenter Cameras and Microphones (For Hosts and Admins) 


1. Enter the Studio or MeetingSpace. 

2. In the Control Panel is a list of presenters that are in the webinar room. Presenters that have denied browser permission  to their cameras and microphones are denoted with a red triangle next to their name. 

3. To signal to the presenter to enable their browsers access to their camera and/or microphone, click the red triangle warning.

4. A pop-up window will appear on the presenter’s screen, notifying them to  enable browser access to turn on their camera and microphone on the right hand side in their browser’s URL bar. 

Note: A popup to enable browser permissions can also appear on the left hand side

 5. Presenters can click allow in that popup box, or click the camera icon with a red line through it in the URL bar. Prompt the presenter to click that icon and enable access to their camera and microphone. 



For more information about this process, consult the following video: 



Presenters will still need to turn ON their cameras and microphones. They can do this manually or can be notified to turn them on. To notify them, you can click the corresponding icon next to their name. 

This will prompt a popup on their side to allow access to turn on their camera and/or microphone. 



A popup window will appear that grants hosts/admins the ability to turn on presenters camera and/or microphone, as well as change the video quality settings if necessary. Click Next when finished.