Can my Attendees Upgrade their Ticket Passes?

Be able to create upgrades on certain ticket pass types, giving your attendees an option to enhance their experience in your event. 


Table of Contents

1. How to Set Up Pass Upgrades

2. Creating an Upgrade Pass

3. Creating an Upgrade Pass Navigation 

4. Gate access to Modules Only if Ticket is Upgraded



How to Set Up Pass Upgrades

There are a few steps to setting up your pass upgrades. You will need to create and link a pass upgrade to an existing pass and create a new navigation for attendees to see your pass upgrade offering. First, create a pass (you can learn how to do this here.) Then, follow the below steps. 

Creating an Upgrade Pass 

1. On your Virtual Events backend, click to Registration & Passes, then Upgrades. From there click New Upgrade Pass

2. Create your new upgrade pass. Customize: 

    • Upgrade Price
    • Which ticket pass this will be upgraded from 
    • Ticket pass included in the upgrade 
    • If your registrants will/won’t have their original pass after upgrading 
    • Upgrade Pass Title 
    • Description 
    • Upgrade pass image 
    • Payment Screen Title 
    • Button Text 
    • Button Text Color 
    • Button background color 
3. Click Save & Exit when finished



Creating an Upgrade Pass Navigation 

To have your upgrade pass show after your registrants selected their tickets and passes, they will be able to view them on your Virtual Events main page. However, you will need to create a new navigation that will show this upgrade pass. 

1. On your Virtual Event’s backend, click to Event Modules. Once there, click to Navigation.

2. On Navigation, click New Navigation

3. Enable on Upgrade Link and customize the link text and select which upgrade pass will show with this navigation. 


4. Click Save & Exit

After registration, your attendees will be able to view the link in your Virtual Events header and click to upgrade their pass. View the video below to see the setup and attendee experience in live action: 

Gate access to Modules Only if Ticket is Upgraded

You can gate access to certain event modules (lobby, expo hall, agenda, etc.) to attendees until they purchase an upgraded pass. Follow the steps above to create your upgrade pass, then go to the Navigation tab once more. 

1. Select Edit to your navigation of choice

2. Check off Only Available with Ticket Pass. Insert which ticket pass type needs upgraded in Ticket Pass, and which upgrade pass will be used when upgrading. 



3. Click Save & Exit

This will effectively block access to those navigation modules unless the upgraded pass is purchased.