Can I Rearrange Presenter Cameras in the Studio?

Spotlight specific presenters by rearranging them in Studio, placing them at the forefront of the screen while they're speaking.

Admins, Hosts, and Presenters, (those who have access to the Host Control Panel), can now rearrange presenters’ camera windows in real time in the Studio. This allows hosts to spotlight specific presenters by placing them at the forefront of the screen while they’re speaking.  This also gives them more control over their event’s appearance and flow.


Want to see it in action? Check out this video:


Note: Currently, this feature is available only in the Studio — not in BigMarker’s standard webinar rooms. (Learn how to produce professional-quality event streams in the Studio here.)

How to Rearrange Presenter Cameras in Studio

  1. Log in to your event and enter the Studio. 
  2. Your presenters’ camera windows will appear in the center of the Studio, as shown below. Simply click the center of each camera window, hold and drag them into your preferred layout. Any changes will be visible to attendees within a few seconds.