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How to push notifications to Live/Evergreen Webinars

Send push notifications to attendees during live and evergreen webinars, communicating relevant information to attendees quick and efficiently.

Display push notifications on the screen during both live and evergreen webinars. This way, hosts can send push notifications to attendees while they are in a session, thus communicating relevant information to attendees more quickly and efficiently .  

With this feature, hosts can also push notifications to display any webinar that is associated with a particular event module (the Agenda, Networking Center, Exhibitor Booths, etc.). This allows hosts to send one notification across multiple webinars and booths within a series at the same time.  


Reminder: On BigMarker, each event module, including the Agenda and Expo Hall, is structured as a series/modules of webinars. Each session/booth within that event module is then hosted in an individual webinar within that series. 

So to send on-screen push notifications to viewers of individual sessions, exhibitor booths, etc., you’ll need to link the notification to the individual webinars/booths on which you’d like the notification to display and the series associated with it. (For instance, if you’re sending push notifications to attendees in the exhibitor booth, you’ll link the push notification to the individual webinars associated with each booth and the BigMarker series associated with Expo Hall as a whole.) 

Keep reading to learn more about this enhancement. 


How to Create On-Screen Push Notifications 

  1. First, create your virtual event by creating a series on BigMarker
  2. Once you’ve set up your virtual event and created several series, (Agenda, Expo Hall, etc),  begin creating push notifications by returning to your event dashboard and selecting the main series (the series you created in step 1 to initiate building your virtual event).  
  3. Select Series Settings, located just below the title of the series (as pictured below).
  4. In the left-hand menu that appears, select Messages. 


From there, you can add new notifications, manage existing notifications, manually send notifications to attendees and associate the notifications with a particular series. Click Manage or Add New Notification to add a new notification. 

Either button will direct you to an editor, where you can add and edit the TitleSub-TitleCall To Action Text and Call To Action Link for each notification. For more information about creating these notifications, watch the video below. 


How to Associate a Notification with a Series

Next, link your push notification to the appropriate event module. You’ll achieve that by linking your push notification with the BigMarker series associated with that event module. 

By linking the live/evergreen webinars with a series, and linking that series to the main events notifications, you can manually push those notifications out to all the linked live/evergreen events within that series. 


  1. Stay on the Notifications page shown above, then select the Settings tab. 
  2. In the Series Notifications dropdown menu, select the series that you would like to associate with your push notification. (For example, if you wanted to send an on-screen notification to everyone watching a webinar in an exhibitor booth, you’d select the series associated with your exhibitor booths in this menu.)
  3. Click Save.


How to Associate Push Notifications With Individual Webinars Within A Series/Module

Remember that each series/module on BigMarker contains individual webinars, which can be used as exhibitor booths and individual sessions within your event. 


So now that you have associated push notifications with the appropriate series on
BigMarker, you need to associate them with each of the webinars contained within the series. (Keeping with our exhibitor booth example, you now need to associate the push notification with each webinar contained within that exhibitor booth series.) 


  1. Return to your event dashboard and select your live and/or evergreen webinar of choice. (For instance, if you want to send a push notification to everyone viewing a webinar in the Agenda, select the series/modules associated with the Agenda.)  
  2. Click the Edit tab. 
  3. Click on Advanced Settings and scroll down to the Associate Series dropdown menu
  4. Select the series you would like to associate the live and/or evergreen webinar with 
  5. Click Save Changes, then repeat steps 1-5 for each of the webinars on which you’d like to display on-screen push notifications. 


How to Send On-Screen Push Notifications to Attendees 

  1. Once you’re finished linking your push notification with the proper series and individual webinars within that series, return to the main series associated with your virtual event. 
  2. Under the title of the series, select Series Settings
  3. Under the Messages tab, you will find the on-screen notifications you have already created. 
  4. Find the notification of choice and click Send


This will automatically push that notification to all the live and evergreen webinars linked with it.