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Can I Maximize my Polls?

Maximize your polls so they display full screen for your attendees, showing audience responses and important results more prominently

You can now maximize polls so that they fill the full screen for attendees. This allows hosts to display audience responses, important results, and more prominently. 

One poll will display at a time for attendees. Below is an example of how maximized polls appear to attendees during a live session.

Learn how to maximize polls using the following steps:  


How to Maximize Polls


1. In the webinar room, click the Polls tab. 

2. In this tab is a list of all the polls you've added to the session. Select one of these polls or create a new one. To maximize the poll, select Max in the bar below the poll of choice.


3. Click Min or the X button in the corner of the view to minimize the poll. 


Can I change the color of my maximized Poll? 

Yes! You can add custom hex codes to your polls, showing off your specific brand or event colors when the polls are maximized. It’s a great opportunity to keep the consistency of your event’s colors in all aspects throughout your event. 


How to Change the Color of Your Poll


1. Click Create New Poll (you can do this both in the Pre-Load Polls section or in the live webinar room) 

2. Select a multiple choice question type, then check off the Customized the maximized poll colors box. 

3. This will enable additional boxes for the poll’s colors: the poll color and the font color for the poll. Enter in the hex code color in the boxes. 

4. Click Save Poll or Start Polling.

Now, when the poll is maximized the custom colors will display to your audience.