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Can I customize my Emails with Custom HTML?

Customize your event email with custom HTML, incorporating your company's branding to align with your events.


New as of 05/27/2022: Upload custom ICS files and show/hide the file to emails with custom HTML.

Note: Currently, this feature is reserved only for Enterprise plan holders and Virtual Events

Now, hosts can customize their event emails with custom HTML. This allows hosts to better incorporate their company's branding into their emails and create more visually appealing invitations to their events. 


Learn how to add Custom HTML to your BigMarker emails below: 


How to Enable Custom HTML Emails on Your Channel

1. On your Channel, go to the Settings page. 

2. Under the Channel Profile tab, scroll down and enable the Enable Raw Email setting.



3. Scroll down and click Save at the bottom, then Save & Exit in the top right corner. 


How to Add Custom HTML to your Emails 

  1. Log in to your webinar and select the Email & Invitations tab. 
  2. Scroll down to the email you would like to edit, then select Edit
  3. Under Email Design, select a pre-made email template or customize the design to desire. (Learn more here.) When finished, click Next: Edit Content
  4. At the top, click Convert to Raw Email. Your browser will then prompt you to confirm it is okay to convert — select Okay.
  5. Scroll down to the Message text box and enter your HTML in the provided box. 
Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 12.08.22 PM


From there, click Next: Review & Schedule to review the email. You can save and schedule or send yourself a test email. 

Note: When converting to Raw HTML, you will need HTML for both the design and content of the email.


Watch the video below to see this in action: 


For more information on Enterprise Plans, please contact our Sales Team at sales@bigmarker.com