Add Individual Chat Rooms to the Chat Panel

Create separate chat rooms in the Chat panel to facilitate different discussion rooms for specific topics or segments of your audience

Hosts and admins now can add individual chat rooms in the Chat Panel to separate chats as needed. This allows hosts to create separate presenters-only chats from attendee chats and create different discussion rooms for specific topics. 


In this article, learn more about chat rooms and how to use them in your events. 


How to Enable Chat Rooms 

  1. Log in to your webinar and select the Manage Webinar tab. 
  2. Scroll down to Chat Rooms Off and click Create Chat Rooms


3. Enable chat rooms ON.  


Two chat rooms are automatically enabled: Presenter (which is exclusive to presenters) and Public. To add more chat rooms, click Add Chat Rooms. Click Save & Exit when finished. To delete any chat rooms, click X

Can I Change the Name of the Chat Room? 

Yes! Click the text box of any chat room and enter the new name as shown. 


Can I Change the Icon of the Chat Room? 

Yes! Click the globe icon and upload your image of choice for the chat room. We recommend file sizes of 64x64px for best quality. 



Can I make a Chat Room Private? 

Yes! Any additional chat rooms can be set to private for only certain presenters. Click the > button on the right hand side of the chat room’s name. Then select Set to Private? In the box that appears below, add the names of specific presenters you’d like to grant access to this chat room. 


Can I Move the Placement of my Chat Rooms? 

Yes! Adjust the order of the chat rooms  by clicking the multiple dots on the far side of its name. From there, you can drag and drop them into your desired arrangement. 



Inside the Webinar Room 

Inside the session, chat rooms display just below the Chat Panel, on the far right-hand side of the webinar room. Participants can click the one they want to enter and chat from there. 



Messages are visible only in the chat room in which they are posted. Click the < button to go back to the main Chat Panel.