Attendees Can Enter the Room Anonymously

Attendees can register for your event using their real name, but appear inside the session under a pre-selected name and number code. These attendees will be anonymous to other viewers while their information is in post-webinar reports.

Hosts can now rename all attendees that enter the session using our new Anonymity feature. located in the Privacy section of the Edit tab. 

This allows all attendees to register for the webinar using  their real names, but appear inside the session under a pre-selected name and number code. This means that all attendees will be anonymous to other viewers, but their real name and contact information will appear in post-webinar reports. 

In this article, you'll learn how to locate the Anonymity feature and test it during your practice sessions. 


How to Locate the Anonymity Setting

  1. Log in to your Webinar and select the Edit tab. 
  2. Either Select the Privacy link on the left hand side of the page, or scroll down to the Privacy section of the  Edit tab. 
  3. Select the box next to the Anonymity feature. Once you select that box,  a conditional field will appear. Here, enter an “alias” name that will replace all of your attendees’ names within the session. 
  4. Enter the name of your choice in the Attendee Name field below. This is the alias that will replace attendees’ real names in the webinar room (you can also keep the default “Participant” as your attendee name in the room)
  5. Press Save Changes before proceeding to the next page. 


How to Test the Anonymity Feature in a Live Practice Session

Before you can test the anonymity feature, as an attendee the webinar link that you are using to register or enter as an attendee must link to an open or Live session which can be generated from the Practice Webinar feature on the Presenters tab or by Creating a New Webinar. 


We’ll demonstrate using a practice session we generated from the Presenters tab. 

Note: You cannot test entering the room anonymously in the webinar preview mode.


Once you’ve created an open practice session, test the anonymity feature using the following steps: 

1. Using a Live Practice Webinar, you can use the Share Link found under the title of your event on the Manage Webinar Dashboard to get a generic link that will not log you in as an attendee. 

2. Open an Incognito or Private window in your browser. 

3. Proceed through the registration process and into the session.