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24-7 Webinar

Always-on webinar rooms that are open 24-7

A 24-7 Webinar is an always-open online conference room.

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24-7 Webinar features include:  HD Audio & Video, HD Screen sharing, Play videos, Present files, Whiteboard, No limit on presenters, Embed into your website, Call to Action Popups, Public & private chat, Q&A and upvoting, Polls & quizzes, Handouts and the ability to Host a Twitter chat. 


How to Create a 24-7 Webinar 


1. On the Host Dashboard, select Create a Webinar

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2. When creating a webinar, select the 24-7 Webinar type and fill out the webinar details. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 2.00.58 PM 247


3. Once you select 24-7 Webinar you will fill out the information for the webinar. 

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4. When the webinar is created you will be taken to the webinar's dashboard, here you can Edit settings for the webinar, add and/remove Presenters, Design the landing page, set up Emails and Invitations, Manage the webinar, add Automations and take advantage of Integrations

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