Where do I find the On-Demand videos from my series in my analytics?

Our analytics reports for Series now include more actionable analytics for on-demand sessions. 


Note: This is a feature that is exclusive to our White Label and Enterprise plan holders. If interested, please contact our Events Experts at sales@bigmarker.com

Hosts can now pull the first name, last name, email and BMID of each on-demand viewer, as well as the number of views each of their on-demand videos generated. This empowers hosts to follow up with attendees more quickly, target their messaging more precisely and make more informed decisions about their content. 

In this article, learn how to obtain analytics for on-demand sessions within your Series analytics reports.  


How to Locate Your On-Demand Reports within the Series Analytics 


1. Log in to your webinar series and select the Manage Series tab. 

2.Staying in this tab, select Analytics and Reporting, located on the left hand side of the page.



3. From there, you’ll proceed to the Analytics and Reporting dashboard. Before downloading your report you will need to select the arrow on the Download Reports button on the top right hand corner of this page. 



4. Select Refresh Event Report XLS to pull the latest available data from your on-demand sessions.



You will know this refresh was successful when you select the drop down menu again and see Processing Event Report XLS where the Refresh Event Report XLS had been located.



5. Once your report has completed processing, you will be able to download your event report XLS in the same drop down menu. 


6. The analytics report from your series will begin downloading to your device. Check your Downloads folder to open the output file. 


7. In this file, select the On-Demand Reporting tab. This contains:

  • First and last name 
  • BMID 
  • and the number of views for the videos in your series for each of your on-demand session attendees.