What is Co Browsing? Can I Co Browse with audio?

Plug in a link to a website and interact with that website live during your event. Co-browsing allows your attendees to view videos or other sites in a collaborative way.

New as of 08/05/2022: Automatically start a co-browse website at the beginning of your event. 

Note: This feature is reserved only for Enterprise and Events plan holders. If interested in utilizing, then please contact your BigMarker account manager or an events expert at .


Ever wanted to stream a website into BigMarker and use it interactively within your event? Now you can with our co-browsing feature. Co-browsing allows you to plug in a link to a website and interact with that website live during your event. This allows your attendees to view videos or other sites in a collaborative way. Additionally, we’ve added the ability to co-browse with audio, so your attendees can listen to snippets or whole durations of audio. You can even co-browse Zoom with audio, using the browser version of Zoom within our platform. Overall, co-browsing is a great option for events that require an interactive experience with different sites all in one location. Learn more about co-browsing below. 


Note: Co-browsing will not work when using automation, in an Automated webinar, or in 24/7 rooms.  


How to Enable Co Browsing


  1. Go to your Channel’s Settings 
  2. On the Channel Profile section, scroll down and enable on Enable Co Browsing. To enable co browsing with audio, enable on Enable Co Browsing with Audio 
  3. Click Save & Exit at the top 

Note: Only a BigMarker Representative can enable these settings. Please contact your BigMarker Representative to do so.


Now, when in the webinar room, click on the next to Blank and a drop down menu will appear. 

Select either Co-Browse a Website or Co-Browse a Website with Audio, depending on your needs. 

A separate window will appear where you can click paste your website's link into it. When finished, click Add

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 3.53.19 PM

Note: When utilizing Zoom, you will need to use the browser version. Enter in the link for the Zoom meeting, wait for it to load and then click Open xdg-open. This will disappear after clicked. Once disappeared, click Launch Meeting which will prompt the pop-up window to appear again. Click Cancel, then click Join from Your Browser at the bottom.


A few seconds will be needed for the website to load and display for your attendees. With Zoom, a longer load time is necessary for it to display. Watch the video below to see how co-browsing works:

Note: Admins, hosts and presenters have the ability to click interactively within the co-browsing screen. Attendees cannot click within the frame.




Add Website URLs for Co Browse before your Event Starts

Preload your co-browse websites before your event starts on the Manage Webinar dashboard. Introducing the new Pre-Load Co-Browsing Website section, where you can add your websites, with or without audio, into your webinar room beforehand. This allows you to set your URLs and start them immediately when the event starts 


1. Go to the Manage Webinar dashboard and scroll down to the Pre-Load Co-Browsing Website section. 



2. Click +Add Website 



3. Enter in the name for the website and the URL 

Note: You must include the https:// when entering URLs

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 3.57.06 PM


4. Click Submit


Your co browse website will be set and ready to start within the webinar room. You can edit or delete the co browse here as well.  


To start your co browse, enter into the webinar room and follow the steps above to begin the co browse. Instead of adding the URL, click Open under the website of choice to start the co browse session. 

Watch the video below to see this in live action:  



If preferred, you can automatically start a co-browse by clicking Open at beginning of the webinar under the website of choice to automatically start the co-browse at the beginning of your event.  


Watch the video below to see this in live action: