What can I do to prevent echo or feedback?

Follow the steps below to prevent echo or feedback when using your microphone

Reasons for an echo or feedback:

  • Echo occurs if input output audio devices are placed close together. Someone's computer speakers are too close to their microphone or their audio is too loud. 
  • Being in the webinar twice. If you hear an echo and notice that someone is in the room twice, that maybe the cause.
  • Having multiple people in the same physical office or room in the same web conference room (sound from the speaker on one computer enters the microphone of the other computer).
  • Playing a YouTube video without muting yourself.


  • If you or someone else is in the room twice; remove them, exit or close any extra windows or tabs.
  • Refresh the page.
  • Move your microphone away from your speakers.
  • Mute or turn off the microphone of the person who is causing it or mute yourself if you are the cause. Mute others when they are idle. 
  • Have the person who is causing it, turn down their computer's volume.
  • If multiple people are on multiple computers in one physical location, have them go in separate rooms or turn off or mute all the computers but one.
  • Mute yourself when you play a YouTube video.
  • Buy or use an external microphone. Built-in mics quality can vary. 
  • Turn off webcams. This will allow more bandwidth for audio.