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Stream in Vertical Video to Enhance Mobile-First Audience Experiences

Planning mobile-friendly webinar and event content has never been easier. Now, you can choose to share content in vertical video to add a polished look to your stream layout for mobile attendees.

This setting requires activation by your BigMarker Admin in your channel settings. At this time, the new mobile aspect ratio settings works with a single camera for best results.

Once the aspect ratio setting has been enabled, go to the settings of the webinar in which you’ll be using this orientation. The webinar must be set to Webcast mode in order for this feature to work. This setting is especially useful if you plan to stream to a social platform with your mobile device, like Instagram Live or Tik Tok. In the settings below, select the Mobile (9:16) Aspect Ratio after you’ve selected Webcast for Live Experience. 


It’s important to keep in mind that selecting this setting will flip the aspect ratio for everyone viewing the webinar - whether your audience is viewing from mobile or desktop. The best use of this setting would be for audiences that would mostly be viewing from their mobile devices. Below is an example of what the audience will see with the Mobile (9:16) aspect ratio setting enabled in webcast mode while viewing from a desktop. 


Alternatively, if you plan to stream into your own streaming app, where you know your viewers will be watching from a mobile device in a 9:16 orientation, then this is the setting that would suit that scenario best. 

In the future, this setting will be able to support up to four cameras at the same time, along with a presentation.