Optimize Corporate Video Streaming with eCDN

Using our Enterprise Content Delivery Network, or eCDN, takes the burden of streaming to a vast number of viewers off your internal network.

The transmission of live video to large audiences demands substantial bandwidth, potentially adversely affecting the overall performance of corporate networks and may put undue strain on your infrastructure. 

An eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) solution plays a pivotal role in alleviating network strain, offering various advantages to corporations big and small. And because eCDNs utilize private networks to help with the delivery of video content, your company enjoys an optimized network performance as a result. 

There are several advantages to utilizing an eCDN:

  • Bandwidth optimization: eCDNs dynamically cache video content, alleviating traffic congestion on Wide Area Network (WAN) connections within enterprise networks. This results in a more efficient use of bandwidth, particularly crucial for the smooth delivery of live video to large audiences.
  • Improved video quality & an enhanced viewing experience: faster start times, reduced latency and minimal buffering. This is an especially key point for live streamed videos and events.
  • Cost efficiency: instead of investing more into expanding network capacity or unnecessarily upgrading your existing network, let an eCDN solution do the heavy lifting.
  • Enhanced security measures: eCDNs operate behind corporate firewalls, unlike traditional CDNs that operate on publicly available servers. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that valuable video content is secure behind your enterprise network.