Presenter Mode: Camera Monitor Mode

Take your attendance monitoring to the next level with our Camera Monitor Mode, where you will be able to monitor attendees with no disruptions or distractions for attendees.

In our our standard presenter mode, when a presenter switches back and forth on camera between sharing their screen and slides, or maximizing an individual camera, all of these changes are reflected to the entire webinar room. In Camera Monitor Mode, all of these adjustments would be local only to the presenter and no one else in the live webinar, giving the presenter in Camera Monitor Mode the opportunity to observe the audience and individual attendees. This way, they can fully assess engagement and effectively monitor the event. 

This is also great for on-site, live streaming as it gives your on-site event producers the freedom to arrange the presenter view of your virtual webinar without affecting the view of anyone else in the audience. It allows for no interference or interruptions for a seamless event. 

Presenters in Camera Monitor Mode, do not have access to the share content  button. So this is essentially a monitor setting and should not be enabled for presenters who will be sharing content.

Learn more about setting up Camera Monitor Mode here