Internet Speed Requirements

To ensure you have the best webinar or event experience, it's important your internet and network connection is running at optimal levels. Please use our system check and review our best practices to ensure your best event experience.

Test your internet speed here using our system check. We're integrated with SpeedOfMe which is going to be more accurate than other tests. If you're failing the speed test, please read this article

The minimum download and upload speed to join the webinar as an attendee without interruption are 2Mbps. If you fail to meet the minimum requirements you may experience technical difficulties in the room including losing connection and poor audio and video. If you are an attendee and Webcast is enabled by the host, please choose Webcast mode. 

The optimum speed for hosts and attendees who want to share microphones, webcams, desktops, and presentations is 10Mbps+. If possible, a wired connection is much more stable and will help prevent dropped connections and interference.

If you're failing the speed test or are unable to reach these minimum requirements please read our help article.

Pro-Tip: If you are using a DSL modem with a slow uplink, a 3G wireless modem, a network with some type of proxy/firewall, or a lower speed connection, your webinar experience, and quality may suffer.


Please email if you are experiencing connection issues or if you're failing the system check or have an unstable connection for additional troubleshooting.