How to Set Up the Attendee Meeting Scheduler

Let attendees create their own meeting spaces, with their own availability, and meet with one another using the Attendee Meeting Scheduler

New as of 07/13/2022: Add gamification based on setting a first meeting or a certain amount of meetings within a set time frame. 

Note: This feature is an add-on package to the Networking Center and is available to Events and Enterprise plan holders. If interested in utilizing this feature, then please contact your BigMarker account manager or an events expert at .


Our Meeting Scheduler is a great opportunity for exhibitors to connect with attendee’s 1:1 in a separate meeting space.

Now, we’ve extended this capability to attendees overall, where they can create meeting spaces of their own, with their own availability, and set meetings with one another. This capability will be present in the Networking Center, so attendees can connect during your event and after. 

Table of Contents: 


  1. How to Enable the Meeting Scheduler 
  2. Using the Meeting Scheduler in the Networking Center
  3. The Meetings Tabs
  4. How to Edit Meeting Settings
  5. Adding Gamification to the Attendee Meeting Scheduler 

How to Enable the Meeting Scheduler 


1. On your main series, click Manage Event

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 2.18.55 PM

2. Go to the Check In section on the left hand side. 


3. Enable on Meeting Scheduler 


Your meeting schedule will be all set for attendees to utilize during check-in. 


Using the Meeting Scheduler in the Network Center 


When attendees check-in, they will be able to set their meeting availability for other attendees to use when scheduling. Attendees can select their meeting’s: 


1. The Title in Location Name  

2. The Timezone of the meeting 

3. The length of the meeting in Time Duration 

4. Available Times and Dates for the meeting 

5. Click Add Date to add more times and dates 

  • To account for any breaks, add a separate time duration within the time slot. For example, if attendees can schedule a 30 minute meeting any time from 9AM-5PM, add in a time from 6PM-7PM to account for an hour break that attendees cannot schedule a meeting during. 

6. Click Save when finished. 

Once meetings are set, attendees will then be able to click a Meeting icon on each other’s virtual event badges to be taken to that attendee’s meeting scheduler. Watch the video below to see this in live action: 



For meetings, attendees will get a notification on their profile icon on new requests. They are able to click the Meetings section and be redirected to their Meeting Tabs to accept their meeting. This also applies for any new networking requests, as attendees will get notified to accept or decline the request.


Meeting Requests:                                  Connection Requests: 




The Meetings Tab


On the Meetings tab, attendees will be able to see all new and past meetings. The main view of the Meetings tab will provide you with an overview of the date of the meetingsthe times of the meetingswho you are meeting withtheir email addresstheir companythe type of meeting and the meeting location. Here, you can decline any meetings if needed and also view the status of the meeting, such as if it has been completed or not. 

Additionally, when it’s time for the meeting, there will be a Join button to join the meeting. These will fall under the All or Upcoming Meetings section. 

The Meeting Settings 


Here is where you can edit all the settings for your meetings. You can click Edit in the top right hand corner of the meeting to have a shelf appear where you can edit the meeting’s title, time zone, duration, date/times and add additional availability. 

To send the meeting link directly to  each other, click Copy Link under the Booking Page Link and send within the Chat Panel or Private Chats




 Adding Gamification to the Attendee Meeting Scheduler 


Give attendees points for setting a set amount of meetings within a specific time frame or setting 1 on 1 meetings with other attendees. These points will be reflected on the leaderboard for attendees to view, encouraging attendees to connect with more and more people.

On your event’s backend, click to the Gamification section. Click Add New Rule, and under the Rule Type, click Schedule a one on one meeting or Schedule x meetings a month


  • Schedule a one on one meeting: Attendees will only need to schedule a 1 on 1 meeting to get the points. 
  • Schedule x meetings a month: Enter the number of times attendees need to schedule 1 on 1 meeting to get the points.



Click Save & Exit when finished.