How to Set Up Matchmaking Categories for your Virtual Event

Streamline attendee's networking and foster similar connections amongst your audience by setting up your Virtual Event's matchmaking preferences

During your Virtual Event’s check-in, attendees can set their matchmaking preferences and interests to better help them connect with others who have similar interests. Categories can be weighted higher than others, where those categories can be prioritized and match attendees with the same preferences. Any matchmaking values selected can also be shown on attendee’s virtual business cards, making it easy for attendees to strike up conversation amongst each other.  Overall, setting up your matchmaking helps streamline your networking and fosters similar connections amongst your audience

Learn more below on setting up your Virtual Event’s matchmaking 

How to Set Up Matchmaking 

1. On your main series dashboard, click Manage Event

2. On the left hand menu, click to the Matchmaking section 

3. Toggle ON Matchmaking On

4. Click Create New Category 

5. Enter in the following fields for the category: 
  • Category Name 
  • Use the matchmaking category as a filter within your Networking Center 
  • Display their selection on their Virtual Business Card 
  • The matchmaking values (Note: These have to be separated by a comma)
  • If they can choose one or multiple values 

6. Click Save & Exit 

From there, you can view the category in the Matchmaking section. For each category, you can customize the values even more. Click the three dots and then Manage to manage the category. 

You will have a slide-out drawer appear where you can edit the title of the category, the values for the category, and also adjust the colors for each value. Click the three dots, then Edit to be able to access the button’s color settings. Use the color wheel to select the color of choice for the button. 

You can repeat this step for every button and value, and additionally click and drag the values to rearrange their order. 

Afterwards, your value’s buttons will change color in the Matchmaking section. From here, you can also adjust the algorithm for matchmaking within your event. Click over to the Algorithm tab at the top. 

In the Algorithm tab, you can adjust the weight that each category has within matchmaking. What this means is setting the category that will take the most precedent in matching attendees with each other. Hover over your category and click Edit to adjust the weight, then Save

In the example below, any values that were selected in the Job Interests category will be placed in high importance when matching attendees with one another. You can adjust the weight for both your categories and custom fields.