How to Integrate Bizzabo with BigMarker

Connect BigMarker with your active Bizzabo account to send data bidirectionally between Bizzabo and BigMarker

When you connect Bizzabo with BigMarker, your Bizzabo webinar registrations and data are sent directly to your active BigMarker webinars. And it’s a two-way street: you can also add your Bizzabo contacts as invitees and registrants to your BigMarker webinar. The best part? You can complete the integration in minutes. Learn more on setting up your Bizzabo integration below. 


1. Navigate to your webinar dashboard and select the Integrations tab. Find the Bizzabo integration. 


2. Enter your Bizzabo Account Settings. This includes your Bizzabo Private Token. If you would like to save this information for all webinars across your channel, check off Save as Default? Click Next: Setup Sync Settings when finished.  



3. Import Registrants Settings: Next, import properties from your active Bizzabo account to your webinar’s registrant list. This automatically registers all of the contacts on that list for your webinar.

In the dropdown below, select your Bizzabo Event. Then, proceed to map the data fields between Bizzabo and BigMarker. For example, map email_address in BigMarker to Email as in your Bizzabo Property. 

Click Save Import Settings to save the mapped data fields and Import Now to begin the import. 


4. Export Contact Settings: Next, map data fields in BigMarker to their respective contact fields in Bizzabo. For instance, the titles of webinars are stored as “webinar name” on BigMarker. If you are storing them as “webinar title” on Bizzabo, enter “webinar_title” in the corresponding text entry. Repeat for the rest of the fields. Click Save Export Settings to save the mapped data fields and Export Now to begin the export.