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How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts with Hotkeys

Create Keyboard shortcuts for your most popular demands, which presenters and admins can use during live events

Use Hotkeys to create keyboard shortcuts for your most popular demands, such as turning on and off cameras, muting microphones, pausing and advancing slides and more. Hotkeys gives presenters and admins ease of use for commonly used actions during live events. This helps streamline all actions, like turning on and off cameras, to create a streamlined presentation for your attendees. 

How to Enable HotKeys: 

Note: In order to customize a new hotkey, it must consist of two keys and they must be pressed at the same time. 

1. On the Manage Webinar dashboard, go to HotKeys on the left hand panel

 2. Click ON under Enable HotKeys

3. The Hotkeys will appear with preset shortcuts. 

4. Keep the preset shortcuts, or enter in the new shortcut of choice. 

Note: The new shortcut must be two keys (such as A+B) The two keys can be any combination, but we strongly recommend staying away from the CTRL button, as it's associated with commonly used browser actions. 

5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save. 

You can click the reset button to reset the custom shortcut back to the preset shortcut. 


Note: The Toggle Presentation Tab HotKeys is not available to be edited.