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How to Change a Webinar’s URL

Change your webinar's unique URL to fit you event, customizing it to align with your webinar's presentation.

Change your webinar’s unique URL to fit your event. This can look like naming it after the webinar topic or adding a keyword into the URL that allows for  easy organization. Either way, this is editable at any point before your webinar’s server starts to initialize. 


Note: We recommend finalizing the webinar’s URL before any emails or invitations are sent out for the event. 


How to Change the Webinar URL

  1. On your webinar’s dashboard, go to the Edit tab 
  2. In the Webinar Title* box, click Edit webinar URL
  3. In the pop-up text field below, adjust the URL 
  4. When finished, click Save Changes in the top right corner

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 11.59.47 AM

It’s important to note that since these URLs are created uniquely for each webinar, there are no duplicate URLS. If you are copying a webinar, the copied webinar’s URL will be similar to the original webinar but include additional links or letters to differentiate between the two webinars. You can change any duplicate webinar’s URL but you cannot make it the same as the original URL.