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How can I produce high-quality recordings for my BigMarker sessions?

Optimize the quality of your BigMarker recording by increasing the resolution of your video

Repurposing video content is an important and incredibly cost-effective way to further your marketing efforts. Hosts can optimize the quality of their BigMarker session recordings with the following steps:  

1. Use the highest resolution possible on your device's camera (1920x1080). 

Start by optimizing the resolution of your own device. To optimize the quality of recordings produced on your device, we recommend using a screen resolution of 1920x1080.

Use the following resources to change the screen resolution of your Mac or PC device.

2. Use the highest possible frame rate (45 frames/s). 

Frame rate measures the number of individual video frames that your camera captures, per second. A higher frame rate produces more cohesive and less jumpy video content, so improving this metric can improve the overall quality of your BigMarker recordings. 

We recommend using a frame rate of 45 frames/second. 

3. Use the highest possible video bitrate (Super High).

Video bitrate is the speed at which your video content uploads to the internet from your camera or your server, as well as the speed at which your viewers are able to download your video content from the internet onto their devices. We recommend using the highest possible video bitrate to ensure your viewers play smoothly and crisply. Follow the steps below to change the bitrate of your BigMarker session. 


How can I change my video's bitrate on BigMarker? 

a. To change your session's video bitrate, enter the webinar room while your session is live and locate the Host Control Panel, located on the far left side of the interface. 


Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 2.10.57 PM

b. In the Host Control Panel, select the Settings tab. 

c. Locate Video Bitrate, then select Super High. 


4. Use the VP9 video codec. 

VP9 is a video compression format that supports the full range of web and mobile use cases, from low bitrate compression to high-quality ultra-HD. We recommend encoding with VP9 to optimize your recording's quality. 

To start encoding with VP9, consult Google's instructions.