Engage with your Audience with Global Chat

Foster more interaction and collaboration amongst your audience with Global Chat, a Chat Panel that carries from session to event module and is present for your whole event.

Note: This feature is available to our Enterprise and Event Packages plan holders. If interested, please contact our Events Experts at sales@bigmarker.com 

Have your audience engage with everyone in your event as a part of a community with our Global Chat. Attendees can participate with every member of the event in the Community forum, ask questions in the Q&A and engage in private chats, forming meaningful connections and conversations throughout your entire event. 

How the Global Chat works 

During your event, attendees can access the chat at any point or location. This will be located on the bottom right hand corner of the screen, where attendees can click on the Chat icon and check out the global chat. 


How to Use the Global Chat 

Within the Global Chat, admins and attendees are able to access a community chat, Q&A, private chat and a people tab to look at everyone who is in the event or online. In the panel, admins are labeled and can respond to Q&A from attendees, and delete any chats in the Community, Q&A and Chats panel, while attendees can just delete their own chats. Your audience will only be able to access Global Chat if they have selected a ticket pass that contains the ability to see Global Chat. 

This chat bubble will be present throughout the entirety of the event, in the right hand corner. That way, your audience will be able to interact with one another moving from the lobby, to the networking center, to sessions, and so on. It’s a great way to foster more interaction and collaboration amongst your audience! We do recommend disabling the regular Chat Panel from the session, to foster more interaction in the Global Chat during your event and sessions. 

The Community Panel

Within the Community panel, attendees are able to interact with anyone in a public forum. These chats will display for everyone to respond to and add onto the conversation. 

The Q&A Panel

The Q&A panel has the same great functionality as our Q&A does, but is able to be carried from session, to agenda, and back to session again. Attendees can ask questions and Admins will be able to answer. 

With the Q&A panel, you can enable this to just be accessible during specific sessions. 

The Chat Panel 

Private chat with other attendees and Admins in this panel. Any of your private chats will appear in this tab, so you can continue the conversation 1:1. These chats include any questions that were answered or chats with other attendees or admins. 

Just like in the Networking Center, you can click on an attendee’s profile to view their business card, which includes any social network profiles and job information. Attendees can choose to set their status to private if desired. They can indicate this by switching visible on/off in their Avatar in the top right hand corner. 

The People Tab 

View all the attendees who purchased the ticket pass that included Global Chat here. This is broken up into two separate tabs: Online and All. All will show all the attendees and admins available to chat with while Online will show those attendees who are online and can chat immediately. 

When you click on a person’s avatar in the Global Chat, it will show their business card, where you can view their event information and begin private messaging with one another. Your private messages will appear in the Chat Panel to continue the conversation. Attendees will be notified on any new chats they receive in the Chat Panel.