Can I make outbound calls from a BigMarker session?

Make outbound calls to unregistered participants, giving access to those who cannot access your event through browsers or are experiencing technical difficulties

Note: This feature is available to Enterprise and Event Packages plan holders. If interested, please contact our Events Experts at

Hosts can now make outbound calls from the webinar room to unregistered participants, allowing additional people to access the session via their phones. This is especially helpful for contacting attendees having technical issues. Learn how to activate this feature below:   

Once the session has begun, press the phone icon in the top-right corner of your screen. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 1.38.20 PM


The pop-up that appears will display the session's entry link, dial-in number, six-digit ID number and six-digit passcode. To make an outbound call, click Call Someone

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 1.40.06 PM

In the following pop-up, enter the 10-digit phone number of the person you'd like to call. Then Select Place Call. (Currently, only phone numbers starting with the 1 international area code can receive outbound calls from BigMarker.) Click the dots to expand the phone and enter in the number. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 1.40.28 PM

Once you've initiated the call, the following in-progress message will display. if you want to hang up, press Hang Up.  When the recipient answers the phone call, the Calling... will be replaced with Call Answered. The recipient will then follow a series of prompts to enter the session from their phone. 


Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 1.40.45 PM